Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017
Hi Mom!

Ugghhhh I can't wait to binge watch those movies haha

We did have a baptism on Saturday. It was an 8 year old who is part of a less active family we've been working with. We also had Albert get baptized on Sunday. The 8 year old Foster kid we've been working with. Albert probably would have gotten baptized no matter what but both of the baptisms were really cool to see. We also have a lot going on this week. Did I tell you about the lady we're going to teach who has 8 dogs and 27 Chinchillas? That'll be pretty interesting. Yeah we do have a lot going on in this area. It's still kind of tough though because it's a commuter town and nobody's home during the day. And our area's microscopic. But yeah still probably the most work I've had in any of my areas.We have a FedEx decently close so I can probably ship it home pretty easily. 

I think that's it.
Love you!
Elder Sherwood

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