Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

Hi Mom
Surprise ending! We both got transferred. In our interview I told President that he should probably whitewash the area and I guess he listened. I'm kind of second guessing that decision now though. We have a lot going on and things are turning around., and they're replacing us with this super awkward guy and a greenie. Oh well. God knows what he's doing I guess.. I'm heading back to Temecula to be with Elder Barclay. I'm going to die of heat exhaustion. They released me as District Leader as well. I'm ok with that. I also will get to come to Steven's Baptism. So that's cool. 

I got emails back from my teachers. They say that the College requires them to drop students who don't make it to the 1st week of class. The fire class is all online. So I have to do the 1st week's check in/assignment basically. So I guess I'll just get permission to do that. I'm not really sure how it works though. I'll email Suzanne or something about it. The other teacher said that he can't promise me a spot but I can come in on Week 2 and see if there's still room in the class. HE can't promise me anything though. When do I need to pay tuition by the way? 

So I'm not really sure what else to tell you.

Thanks for all your support.

I'm glad I served a mission. 

Can't wait to see you guys!
Love you!!
Elder Sherwood!
April came to visit our ward

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

HI Mom!

Not sure if I got the birth certificate yet. I'll let you know.

The 4th was pretty fun. They had us stop proselyting at 6:30 so we threw a zone party at the church. We got to see some fireworks too so that was cool. 

Dang Angel's having a rough time. I hope she doesn't die before I get home haha. Seems like a hard dog to put on a diet haha. Dang that sucks. 

This week was pretty good! We set a baptismal date for Steven! So that was super cool. It's for August 12th. If would have gone home early for school I would have gone home on the 11th. So it's like God's present to me for not going home early haha Another non-member came to church for the 2nd time with Sister Perkins who's from my first ward, Carlsbad 4th ward. So we might pick him up as an investigator this week and it was cool to see her again.

I finally got a chance to talk to Brother Edmunds. We're only going over there on Saturday for dinner now. So hopefully that will solve the problem. (and we can actually get some work done)

Would it be alright if I got some spending money? I feel like I'm having to buy a bunch of stuff now. + I have to pay for laundry. just like some gift cards or something.

I'm hopefully going to the DMV tomorrow and getting my ID and then I should be all set to come home, besides shipping my bike home.

I think that's it. I'm doing pretty good!
Love you!!!!
Elder Sherwood

Thursday, July 6, 2017

HI Mom!!

Super jealous you guys get to light off fireworks, We go in at 6:30 tomorrow. Well we can go in or go to the church. So the zone is going to throw a 4th of July party at the church tomorrow. Hopefully we can see fireworks from where we are.

I talked to President. I don't know for sure how this transfer's going to go but I think he's going to leave. Elder Pierce is pretty confident he's going to stay. I told President he should just whitewash the area and put 2 new elders in here. We'll see what happens I guess. Another thing we talked about was My Plan. So I have to do that now. 

This week was pretty good. We taught Steven the Chiropractor and he started crying during the lesson so I think he's feeling the Spirit. He also came to all three hours of Church so that was cool. We picked up a potential while we were in between visiting ward members so that was cool. I also performed my first baptismal interview which was an interesting experience. Her name was Amy and we were kind of just joking with each other the whole time. But she passed and she had a really cool conversion experience. She got a priesthood blessing to help her quit smoking and the next time she tried to smoke it made her feel really sick. Now she doesn't have any desire and it's only been like 2 or 3 weeks. So that was awesome. We went on a hike this morning, I forgot my camera but in my defense I didn't get any sleep last night because Elder Pierce was snoring like crazy. The ear plugs don't even work. 

MOM I"M SO TRUNKY holy freak. It's getting pretty bad haha.....

I think that's it

Love you!!!
Elder Sherwood

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017

HI Mom!

I'm going to talk to him on Wednesday. I think if Pierce gets transferred it'll be fine. The dad is actually starting to make moves on his own actually. He cut off communication with his daughters and Elder Rudd. It'll work out. 

Yeah it's hard to not count. I just got an email about My Plan, the thing they make finishing missionaries do. I'm practically home already. 😑

That's cool that Nate is going on Trek! Trek is pretty fun if you have a good group. So if he's with his cousins he'll be fine. They don't work them pretty hard either. You don't walk that long, and it's all flat.

We had a baptism yesterday! Wooooo! I'll get the photos for you. Her name is Sarah. I think I told you about her. She has a less active Step Mom and a non-member Dad. I think they felt the Spirit at the baptism though so that was cool. They had so many people there. She is related to our Mission President's Councilor too and he was there so I got some aspiring points too. Not much else happened this week. We're just trying to meet the ward. It's kind of hard to connect with this ward though because I know I'm leaving in a couple months anyway. There's some cool people here though. There's a fire chief in this ward that I really want to meet. There are also some guys who lived in Colorado Springs. We both knew the Bakers. They were some really cool kids in another ward that we'd see at camps and other stuff. Chris probably knows them. Walker Baker, and his brothers.

I'm trying really hard to lose weight this transfer. It's kind of working. I'm down to 194 from 197-198ish

I'm in the process of getting a California ID so I can get on the plane. I have a DMV appointment on the 3rd. Hopefully I got everything I need. I got some stuff from the Mission office and they said my mission medical card would work as well.

I think that's it.

Love you!!!
Elder Sherwood

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 19, 2017                                                                           

Hey mom!

Getting to your letter early today!
I just missed her haha. I went on exchanges in French Valley when I was in Lake Skinner. That sucks I wish I knew that a year ago!! Escondido is probably the least nice place I've been haha.

I lost the magnet to my nametag. So I'm waiting for a new one. Hopefully it got here this week. 

So I am in Escondido. It is the Mexican part of our mission. Most of the people that I've seen only speak Spanish or broken English. Our ward boundaries are huge. The third largest in the mission. We do have a car but it's only for administrative (DL stuff and p-day) use. We only get 300 miles a month so we can't really use it to proselyte. Despite all that though it hasn't been so bad. We have a baptism this Sunday and we picked up a pretty solid investigator that we are going to teach this Wednesday. The girl getting baptized is Sarah, an 8 year old who lives with a less-active stepmom and a non-member dad. She's a convert baptism because her real mom is a non-member. Neither of her current parents go to church though which is the incredible part. She decided to go on her own and has her grandma pick her up every week and take her. She is such a reserved kid though haha. I think she had a rough childhood because she is very reserved and careful about things. Our apartment isn't as nice as our old one but at least it has air conditioning. Someone also set up a sound system that goes all over the apartment so we get surround sound pretty high quality music playing. This is the first area however that I've had to pay for laundry. And it's flipping nuts too, 6 dollars every time I have to do laundry. I should be ok though. This ward is way better about feeding us though. We have all of this month filled up and next month filled up. On Saturdays we eat lunch and dinner at the Edmonds, who are the people I went to the Safari Park with. They're crazy. The parents are returning to activity and the mom might be a recent convert, and they have four 17-20 year old girls there who are not really religious at all. And some of them have boundary issues..... So we stay there all day Saturday and also go over Monday night for FHE. I kind of feel like it's a little much but my companion is pretty adamant about it. 

That's pretty much everything going on in the area. being a DL is kind of stressful. I struggled through my first DM but they assured me that it went fine for my first time. I have another one tomorrow. I think this one will be better. I also have to keep tabs on all the district and their investigators. I also take numbers at the end of the week. That's about it really. Not very exciting. I don't really enjoy the mantle it puts on me.

We're going to go ice skating today as a district though! That should be fun!

I don't really need anything right now.

Glad to see everyone's doing good. 2 More months!!!!!!

Love you!
Elder Sherwood

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

Hey Mom!
Sorry this is so late. We spent the whole day at the Safari park with this half active half less-active family the missionaries in this ward have been spending a lot of time with. They're names are the Edmonds. I'll hopefully send you a bunch of pictures when I get them. I forgot my camera but this other Elder took a bunch. Sister Edmonds is also going to text you some. 

Sorry for worrying you guys, I think it's going to be fine, I just got to gently push him. and he'll work. As DL I have to set up a district meeting which involves delegating a discussion and a short talk, and coming up with a training, and I do that 4 times in a transfer. Everyone reports their numbers to me as well. I was more worried about the companion and the area, but the area seems to be doing pretty well. I just got to stop complaining. 

We have a baptism on the 25th, this 8 year old named Sarah who's had a pretty intense childhood and is very mature for her age. We're also picking up a pretty solid investigator on Wednesday

So we went to Vista and I found my phone charger sitting in a box. so I'm good.

I gotta make this one kind of short sorry. 

Love you!!
Elder Sherwood

Text from someone in the ward:

The cat doesn't want him to leave.