Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hey Mom!

Got freaking heat this week, It sucked! I miss the snow!

I got strep throat this week so I'm on antibiotics. So that's fun. We had a pretty good meeting with Isaiah, our investigator, this week, He committed to read the Book of Mormon every week and asked us to bug him about it. He recently got a new job so that kind of complicated things.

I get to go to the Mormon Battalion visitor center tomorrow with all the other people that go home with me and haven't been yet. That'll be interesting, and we get free lunch at this cool restaurant that overlooks the beach. So I get to get out of the heat wooo!!!

We also have a meeting on Thursday so this week is going to fly by. Then it's week 6, then it's transfers. Pretty crazy. They have to shut down 7 areas which means I might get kicked out of this area as well. I guess we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll actually get 5 areas instead of 4.

So that's all that's going on right now. We're still trying to meet with chinchilla lady with no luck. But we'll keep trying.

Love you!!!! 
Elder Sherwood

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017
Hi Mom!

Ugghhhh I can't wait to binge watch those movies haha

We did have a baptism on Saturday. It was an 8 year old who is part of a less active family we've been working with. We also had Albert get baptized on Sunday. The 8 year old Foster kid we've been working with. Albert probably would have gotten baptized no matter what but both of the baptisms were really cool to see. We also have a lot going on this week. Did I tell you about the lady we're going to teach who has 8 dogs and 27 Chinchillas? That'll be pretty interesting. Yeah we do have a lot going on in this area. It's still kind of tough though because it's a commuter town and nobody's home during the day. And our area's microscopic. But yeah still probably the most work I've had in any of my areas.We have a FedEx decently close so I can probably ship it home pretty easily. 

I think that's it.
Love you!
Elder Sherwood

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 1, 2017

Hi Mom!
Things are going well! The months seem to be crawling by honestly. Well in the moment it seems like it's crawling. Like right now I'm like Uhhhhggg it's only week 2.. But at the end of last transfer I was like huh that went by pretty fast. It's probably because we're walking everywhere. But yeah like I've never felt being ready to go home as much as I have in this area. Not anything to worry about, just regular end of mission trunkyness probably. I just want to watch a movie!!!!! haha...

I don't know maybe I'll try and sell my bike or something haha. I'll look around for a FedEx though. 

P-Day was on Tuesday lasst week because President was going to some training out of the city on Thursday. Not sure why we had switch around transfer day and P-day for that but it happened. So transfer day was Monday and P-day tuesday

There's a good chance I'll stay here yeah.. I hope I get another area though haha. This place is just so small. It would be nice to be able to focus on things like "My Plan" and figure out all my school and work plans without having to run an area at the same time. It's also going to get really hot here......

Yeah we go to WinCo for our groceries and their produce section is garbage and their milk isn't too great either. 

The work is pretty good! We are going to baptize Albert this Saturday so that's exciting. We also have an appointment with a potential on Saturday as well. We also started working with these 2 less acrives. One is Sean Pozos who is a really smart YSA aged guy who is a tutor at a middle school. He kind of seems like he might have a little autism. But he gets it and we're going to hopefully read with him twice a week and get him to church. The other is Anita Pina who is a nice lady who got kicked out of YSA when she hit 31. She hasn't gone to church in a while though. I think she just needs a ride. So we're going to introduce her to some members who live by her and hopefully she can go with them. That's all of the exciting things going on right now. We're still trying to follow up with some people as well. We also still need to find somewhere to skype for Mother's day.I got you a card by the way hopefully it gets there in time. 

Anything else? I think that's it. I'll be here for a little bit still.
Love you!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 25, 2017

Hey Mom! 
Sorry I forgot to tell you today is P-day.

It was warm last week. 90+ a couple days. It's cooled down now and is supposed to be pretty nice for a little bit. In a couple months it's going to get pretty ridiculous. The summer suucks up here. I miss the snow haha.

The work is good. We finally got a lesson in with this kid named Isaiah, a senior in high school who is dating a laurel in our ward. I don't know when we're going to get to meet with him again. We also got to do a FHE with a family named the VanCleave's who are less active but want to baptize their 8 year old. We are also probably going to baptize this foster kid named Albert either this week or next week. This guy named Kevin walked into Church on Sunday too and wanted to sit in on the service and also talk to the bishop about doing a bunch of service because he got into an accident and the court ordered him like 290 service hours before December. So we showed him the Just Serve app and Bishop is going to follow up with him today. Not a lot else happened. It was transfer week this week too. 3 more to go! I really hope I don't go home from here though haha. It's going to get so hot :(
The ward's doing ok with feeding us. This week is going to be rough because the Young Women's president didn't pass the calandar around to her teachers on accident. But we'll live. We also get payed next week.I'm cooking rice and chicken. I don't trust the WinCo produce so I haven't been buying as much healthy stuff.

I think that's it. maybe I'll come up with another Amazon pantry thing for my b-day
I'll figure it all out by next week. 
Love you!
Elder Sherwood

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 17, 2017

Hi Mom! Happy Easter!

For Easter we had Stake Conference and it was a special Christ centered spiritual Conference that people were supposed to invite non-members to. I don't think too many non-members came though haha. After that we went to big Easter lunch with a family named the Dockendorfs. Really cool family super nice. 3 other families came as well. We didn't have a dinner. We went to an Easter Cantata at around 6 that night, and that was pretty much how Easter went.

The work is going really well actually! We picked up 3 new investigators. A lady who is the friend of our Bishop and a couple who is probably 50 or so. We found the couple by tracting around a members house which we decided to do because we were early for an appointment. The friend we met at a dinner with our Bishop's wife and after we left she pulled up and asked if we needed a ride and we accepted. When she dropped us off I just asked her if she'd be willing to meet with missionaries and she agreed. We 're meeting with her on Tuesday. We were able to share the Restoration with the couple on Saturday. We still need to schedule another appointment with them. James, the guy struggling with addiction said he wants to read more of the BoM before he meets with us again. That sounds like Satan to me but who knows. Other than that we're still working with Albert, a foster child. We're waiting to see if he needs Parental permission or not. Plus there's just a lot of possible bad outcomes that could occur with baptizing a Foster child.

So that's what's happening! 
Love you!!
Elder Sherwood

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

H Mom!

We managed to find some dinners this week, Our ward is microscopic. Probably part of the reason. Yeah we'll probably have to eat on our own a bit. I haven't in awhile but I want to start again.

When you put it like that a semester break sounds really nice haha. I;m still not sure and I don't think I could talk to a counselor. I don't remember what I need either. 

Yeah I've come to accept that aches and pains are a staple of life. I feel pretty good though. I'm really just trying to lose this belly fat. Nothing's really working though so I think it's just that I don't have the time right now to do the things that it takes. I've stayed at 193ish pretty much my whole mission. 

Yeah the Holy Ghost is super cool. Especially this transfer for some reason I've gotten so many promptings that have led to either potential investigators or being able to help someone. On Tuesday we picked up a new investigator because in planning I felt like we should go to the Coopers. We picked up James there who is having some pretty bad addiction problems. We gave him a blessing and since Tuesday things seem to be falling into place. He is in the process of getting insurance and is also is starting with an addiction counselor. We also had a really good 1st lesson with him on Saturday. He seemed to really understand the need for a Restoration and recognized how the timing of us finding him was a miracle. He commited to read the Book of Mormon. He didn't go to church though unfortunately. We are also working with an 8 year old foster kid who has a potential baptismal date for the 22nd of this month. We are probably going to have to get permission from his Mom though even though he's a foster child. We're also working with another 8 year old named Jaylene who might be a convert baptism but we're not sure. She's in the custody of her Grandma who is a less active lady who has been recently coming to church. They're all pretty quiet except for the great Grandma Toga who is pretty loud, mainly because she's deaf. She's hilarious though. We scheduled an appointment with a lady named Amanda Myrick, who we've been trying to meet with for awhile, on Tuesday. Hopefully that will stick. After we set that up we found this kid who told us his Mom was looking for a church. We told him about what we do and gave him a pamphlet so maybe that will materialize into something. 

That's pretty much all the cool stuff that happened this week. Last P-day we went to the batting cages at a place called Mulligans. That was kind of fun and different. 
I think that's it though!

Love you! 
Elder Sherwood

Saturday, April 8, 2017

I really enjoyed conference. It got me like pumped up to go work, which is something that I haven't felt for awhile. I liked the morning sessions of Saturday and Sunday. I can't remember much from the afternoon sessions. The last 2 speakers in conference though both were General Authorities that have visited the mission while I've been here. I don't really remember Holland's talk. I remember Eyring's talk in the Priesthood session and I remember both of Uchtdorf's talks. Those were probably my favorites. 

Got the food box! Thank you! We survived last week. we only missed 2 dinners. This week is a different story. We have nothing until Sunday. Our WML sent out a thing on Facebook or an email or something asking people to feed us. So hopefully we get some. We're payed though so we should be ok. 

I haven't told you about Elder Adams? My bad. He's cool we get along. He had a rough companion last transfer and is kind of recovering from that I think and he's a little discouraged about the size of our ward, so it's a little hard to get him out the door. But it's good. We're finding potentials and we're probably going to baptize this super solid foster kid. The families we had are being really lazy right now, (or they're super busy haha) but all in all it's good. 

Yeah I got contacts. I'm still trying to dial them in. The last pair I got didn't fit my eyes right so I had to go in again. They're going to ship me two brands this time to try out. It's gotten pretty easy to put them in and out though. 

My calendar says I'll go home on the 30th. So classes will have already started for a day. Does that mean probably not? If not it would be a good idea to get that intern spot, and maybe go work with dad until the next semester. Or something.

It's been a good week. Like I said, none of our investigators are really going anywhere right now but we keep finding people that say we can come back. So that's cool. It's actually really cool because each time it was like a prompting to go knock on a door. I also got to see April yesterday! I had her add you on Facebook; did you get it? She came up to the Valley for a dinner with her boss so me and Elder Anderson met up with her and we chatted for a bit. Nothing much else happened. We walk in this area and it makes the days kind of go by slower I feel like. We're going to Mulligan's today to play mini golf and do some batting cages. That should be fun!

Love you! 
Elder Sherwood